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Adjustment of Status

As most you guys know I am a Brazilian citizen, born and raised in Brazil until my 19years old. When I came to the USA to learn English I came over with a visa B1-B2 which is for tourism and business, this type of visa allowed me to stay here in the US for 6 months maximum. During this timeline, I meet Brian and when I had 1 month left I had to decide if I was coming back to Brazil or staying here with him. Well, you guys can see that I choose in staying with him because love screamed lauder, during that time I was out of welcome, in other words illegal. So I moved to live with him and started working under the table with carwash to help with our house expenses since I couldn’t work legally. A year later Brian proposed to me to marry me and we got married in court on Oct 14, 2016. after that, we apply to my adjustment of status.

Of Cours every one have a different situation about it, we had great help from a Facebook group where they sent us a link of files that we had to fill it up, and took our questions. [Facebook Link – Click here]

Bellow is my timeline process…

02/06/2017-Package sent 📮
02/08/2017-Package received 📂
02/17/2017-Txt/email received and check cashed 📱
02/21/2017-NOA1 received by mail 📪
03/10/2017-Biometrics letter received my mail 📪
03/20/2017 – Date when we can check the status online
  03/23/2017-Biometrics appointment ✋🏼
04/28/2017- New card is being produced 💳
05/02/2017 – Card was mailed to me (AED) 💳
05/05/2017 – Card was delivered to me 🤗💳
12/26/2017 – AED renew request delivered at USCIS 📪
04/18/2018-Case ready to be scheduled for interview I-485
06/04/2018 – New card was mailed to me (AED) 💳
06/06/2018 – Card was delivered to me 🤗💳
10/05/2018 – Case was scheduled for interview 

During our interview, the consul just asked me his full name and his parent’s full name, after that we are approved on the spot. very easy and exciting!

Diego Binow



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