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Tiny house experience

Everything started planning a getaway week, during a COVID we are very limited. Airplanes have been out of our list for sure, so we had to plan something that we cloud drive.

Brian’s cousin (Scott) lives in Georgia with his husband (Jeff), so we contacted them a plan our trip. They have 2 homes, and a very cozy café as their businesses. During the first couple of days, we stay at their main home and then we went to their tiny house.

My first impression of the tiny house was incredibly surprised how big it is, I was expecting something very small and very compact. Brian and I fell in love with that beautiful place.

The location where the place is beautiful, it’s a community where just have tiny homes. They have their pool, gym, community garden, and a big dog park where I took Fiona to play.

The coolest thing is the border of Georgia and Alabama because it’s in the property. Like they say.. ” You can stand in Georgia and pee in Alabama”. 😆

Diego Binow




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