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Paola Cakes

I come from a family very poor… until the day I am very proud of my family and our achievements.

One of family member also have been becoming a inspiration for lot people who knows this person.

This Person is my cousin Paola, in dark times when she was unemployed and having kids… She had a brilliant idea to start her won business and be her boss, so she could also have more time with her kids.

Everything started in her home kitchen, cooking cakes, and making desserts for sale on the streets with a styrofoam box with the help of her mom Teresa and sister Nelly.

She got kicked out off the streets a couple of times but that didn’t make her stop. Started than building loyal customers and get more and more orders, Paola Cakes was getting very popular around the whole city.

After getting kicked out of the streets for a couple of times, she couldn’t stop her sales. That is what motivated her to open her first location with a window at her mom’s s home. After that, she opened a small store on the main street of the city.

Sales didn’t stop growing and after a year she had to get a new location and bigger. Store designed by my other cousin Priscila Binow, with looks Beautiful.

Paola cakes are Located in Brazil, and you can find more info on her Instagram and Facebook.

Diego Binow


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